Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cashewnut Barfi

Cashewnuts - 300 gms. (finely ground)
Milk - 500 ml.
Sugar - 1 cups
Khoya - 250 gms.
Coconut - 1 (grated)
Almonds (Badam) and pistachios- 10 gms. each (chopped)
Ghee or oil - 1 cup
Cardamoms - 2 (ground)
Few strands of saffron
Pinch of nutmeg
Silver varak (paper)
1. Pass the cashewnut powder through a fine sieve, then fry in oil for a couple of mins. and keep aside.
2. Add khoya to cold milk. Separately, add the nutmeg with a little milk and keep aside.
3. Fry the coconut in oil till it turns a light brown.
4. In a heavy bottomed vessel, boil the milk and add the sugar.
5. Stir till it dissolves, then add cardamom, saffron and nutmeg. Add the khoya, cashewnut pwd, grated coconut to the milk
mixture and stir thoroughly.
6. Continue cooking on a low flame, stirring constantly. When the mixture leaves the side of the vessel, remove and spoon
contents into a greased thali.
7. Smoothen with the back of a flat spoon. Garnish with varak, almonds and pistachios.
8. Cut into diamond shaped pieces and serve.

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